Chef Teno

Teno is Le Cordon Bleu alumni, Class of 2004 and former Sous Chef at Roxii restaurant, Double Tree Hotel @ LAX. Teno also worked as a Line Cook for the University of Southern California from fall of 2016 through fall of 2017. Paying dues, she worked hard day in, day out at Parkside Restaurant under Chef Eugene Owen, and Chef Raji. Teno also had the chance to work with the USC culinary team at The Lab gastropub across the street from campus, alongside Chef Keith Shutta. After a few short months on the gig, Teno was approached by Chef Eugene and Chef Renato who encouraged her to enter USC's annual culinary competition in partnership with the ACF.

Pictured here with Chef Glen Wiley and Chef Eric Ernest in January of 2017 at the 5th Annual USC Culinary Challenge. Disciplined in their training, this duo with teammate Glen paid off, as they won 2nd place, Silver Medals awarded by the ACF, American Culinary Federation, also earning ACF credits in the process. Glen and Teno, under the supervision of Chef Renato trained for this competition for months on their days off, before work, non-stop. The Whiskey Trio at USC as Teno states were "some of the happiest times of my life". Very proud moment. Fight On SC!!!

With Chef Glen Wiley and Chef Eric Ernest, 2017